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Pre-K Program

Our hands-on-age appropriate curriculum offers math, science, art, and literature activities that provide great experiences for our anxious learners as they prepare for the adventures of kindergarten. Our trained teachers work daily with the students to enhance their ability to learn and grow as an individual. Every month the pre-k students are able to take one field trip and are given the opportunity to participate in a cooking class. Children love to get their hands dirty cooking and we encourage them to learn and create challenging recipes, so that one day they can teach it to someone else.

Our students are well prepared for all the challenges kindergarten has to offer. We continually work on listening skills, following directions, and social interaction. We practice taking turns, sharing, and being responsible for our actions and behaviors. Children have many different activities throughout the day that challenge them and make them want to learn even more. We educate, support, and nurture each child as an individual, unique and special.


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